Clear Aligners

You can get a beautiful, straight smile without brackets, wires, or rubber bands. Invisalign® clear aligners gradually shift your smile into alignment in an unobtrusive, convenient way. David Cabanzon, DDS, MICOI, MAAIP, at THE DENTAL BOUTIQUE in South Miami, Florida, is a certified Invisalign provider and can help develop a customized plan to help you get straighter teeth and a smile you can be proud of. Call the office to learn how you can benefit from Invisalign or schedule an appointment online today.

What is Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment that correct orthodontic complaints like gaps, bite misalignments, and generally crooked teeth. 

The aligners are an alternative to braces, which use brackets, wires, and rubber bands to shift your teeth into a new space. You don’t have to suffer the discomfort, inconvenience, and metal mouth look of braces. Invisalign is a discrete, convenient, and equally effective way to achieve a beautiful smile.

What types of issues can Invisalign correct?

Dr. Cabanzon usually recommends Invisalign to correct mild and moderate orthodontic issues. He may suggest Invisalign to correct:

Even if you have multiple orthodontic complaints, Invisalign can help. Dr. Cabanzon develops a plan that’s unique to you; he can even adapt the plan along the way to adjust for your progress. 

Invisalign® has changed the face of orthodontics. Instead of wires attached to your teeth, your teeth can now be straightened invisibly.

Invisalign® is clear. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

Invisalign® is removable. Unlike braces, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment. You can also brush and floss normally to maintain good oral hygiene.

Invisalign® is comfortable. No metal brackets or wires to cause mouth irritation, and less time in the dentist’s chair getting adjustments.

The Invisalign® process has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide. However, only a certified dentist like ours can undertake this procedure.

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