Emergency dental care encompasses various issues such as toothaches, chipped or fractured teeth, impacted or infected teeth, dislodged crowns, and broken dentures. 

Any time you suffer an injury due to a fall, sports play, or a car wreck or develop sudden mouth pain, you should seek immediate care at THE DENTAL BOUTIQUE. Waking up with extreme oral pain or developing an abscess on your gums also counts as a dental emergency. Sometimes, all it takes is biting into a hard piece of food to suffer tooth damage.

What are emergency dentistry treatments?

The goal of emergency dentistry is to provide relief while preventing further damage. Emergency dental treatments aim to get at the root cause of your complaint. The particulars of your treatment depend on your case.

For example, if you come to THE DENTAL BOUTIQUE with tooth pain because of an infection, you may need a root canal or extraction. A root canal removes the infection causing pain and restores the integrity of the affected tooth. For teeth that are beyond repair, an emergency extraction may be best.

If you have a tooth that’s knocked out, it may be reset if you act quickly enough. Brush any debris off the tooth and hold it inside your cheek or in a cup of milk as you make your way to THE DENTAL BOUTIQUE.

A dental emergency is a health emergency! Everything from a broken tooth to a toothache can cause severe pain, distress and injury when left untreated. While we may want to brush off a dental injury as being just a tooth problem, the reality is that getting the situation addressed as quickly as possible can help us to avoid pain, misery and expensive repairs down the line. What starts in your mouth truly can impact the rest of your body in a very short amount of time if a problem is left untreated. What’s more, acting quickly when a problem arises in your mouth can potentially help you to preserve a damaged tooth. There is hope for your tooth if you’ve just had a dental injury! Learn what you need to know when finding an emergency dentist near me to save a tooth in South Florida!

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