Dental Veneers: The celebrities’ secret to a perfect smile

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Behind a radiant smile there can be many dental processes: orthodontics, cleanings, etc. However, aesthetic treatments are the ones that provide that «magic touch». This is the case of an innovative invention that offers an improvement, or even an alternative, to orthodontics:  dental veneers


In recent years, veneers have become one of the most used procedures by celebrities, due to the ease and speed of the process. In addition, its price is quite affordable for the results it offers.


How do veneers work?

They are thin sheets of porcelain or composite that are attached to the front teeth to create better aesthetics. For example, if the front teeth are very small or separated from each other, custom-made pieces are fabricated to achieve the harmony we are looking for. 


This method is not only limited to improve the shape of our teeth, but it is also feasible to cover stains, cover receding gums or any other flaws. 


Its function is merely aesthetic and does not intend to improve occlusion, so it is generally applied only in the 6 front teeth, from canine to canine. 


The dentist will evaluate what veneers’ color matches the best with the color of the teeth. This way the veneers look natural.


Advantages of veneers


They are quick to make

When veneers were first invented, the making-process could take up to several months to complete. However, nowadays, it only takes 72 hours to customize it according to the teeth and the shape of your mouth. Meanwhile, the adjustment process is also quite fast. The specialist will have the job done in less than an hour. 


In addition, the results are immediate. For example, clear aligners are highly effective in improving your smile without altering the aesthetics of your mouth, but it takes months to see the results. In this case, you can start showing off your smile after installation. 


Painless process

Unlike other dental treatments, the installation of dental veneers is painless. In fact, this procedure is performed without anesthesia.


What are the disadvantages?

Its implementation only promises improvements at an aesthetic level. It is a great ally if we are looking for a quick way out to show off a different smile. However, we would be leaving aside any practical purpose to improve our bite and thus avoid the tooth wear.


For this reason, it is recommended to disregard orthodontics (invisible or traditional) only if your teeth do not present any inconvenience. Otherwise, it is advisable to go through a process of orthodontics first and finally end up with veneers.