Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Orthodontics: Which is the best option?

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As the years go by, there are more advances in the areas of health and science. It has happened with orthodontics too. Getting a nice smile in the past necessarily required years of having a «metallic» smile, but now what is placed on your teeth can be almost imperceptible.

Clear aligners, also known as invisible orthodontics or Invisalign, are the new option for patients with crooked teeth or bite problems. 

Today we will learn about their advantages and disadvantages and which one would be the best option for you.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

They are custom-made for you

Unlike traditional orthodontics, clear aligners are designed based on the shape of your teeth and they are designed to reach the goal determined by your dentist.

In other words, they are created based on your teeth and they are aimed at doing that job from start to finish. 

In contrast, traditional orthodontics follows a general path for all patients. As they progress, the doctor makes adjustments as the pieces take the desired position.

They are almost invisible

The most obvious benefit when it comes to this method is how non-invasive it is in our daily lives. They are not easily detected. 

On the contrary, when we talk about its predecessor, it is impossible for other people not to notice that you are wearing braces. Although not everyone cares about this aspect, there are many people who may feel uncomfortable with the visual impact they generate.

They are removable 

One of the clear disadvantages of traditional braces is that they cannot be removed at the patient’s convenience, for example, at eating. This feature makes the method a bit complicated. Firstly, because they are very delicate, therefore, when chewing certain foods they can break. This can cause a dental emergency if the wire hurts your mouth.

Secondly, because they require impeccable hygiene to prevent food from being deposited for too long, which can lead to excess of tartar or cavities. 

In the case of clear aligners, they allow you to remove them when you are going to eat, then you can brush them in order to maintain hygiene and put them back in. In this way, people do not experience problems of any kind.


They are more expensive 

Since it is a state-of-the-art method, its cost is not the same as in traditional orthodontics. As it was mentioned above, they are specially designed for your teeth and this requires additional effort from the doctor.

Their effectiveness depends on you

Although their predecessor also requires discipline on the part of the patient (for punctual appointments, eating carefully, oral hygiene, etc.), in the case of aligners an even greater commitment will be needed. Since they are removable, they would not be effective without proper consistency of use.